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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Agra, India

Of all the places I have been so far I have liked the city of Agra the best. And, to think that I was not even thinking of coming here. I don't know if the reason I liked Agra so much is that I am starting to get used to India or if it because it is little more touristy and they have some nice cafes and rooftop restaurants that can help you get away from the craziness of the street. Also, the people here don't seem to be as pushy as in other places. Sure everyone wants to take you to a marble shop or some other shop to sell you some "handmade" items, but you only have to say "No, thankyou!" two or three times. Also, the weather has been wonderful, but a little too cold at that night that I had to wear pants and socks to bed.

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