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Friday, March 12, 2010

Total Expenses for Thailand

Total I spent in Thailand was $378.58 an average of $60.10 per day.  Thailand is no longer as cheap a destination as it once was partly due to the lower dollar and partly because prices have gone up.  You can still get some good deals with food, if you eat from the food stalls.   I spent a total of $154.83 on my hotel room or $25.80 per night (the room included private bath with a hot shower, wifi and tv). I spent a total of $87.86 on food or an average of $14.64 per day.  Tours and transportation cost me $80.39 (most of this, $54.83 was for the taxi to and from Wat Bang Phra where I got my tattoo).  I also spent a total of $26.43 on souvenirs ($18.38 of which was for the donation for the tattoo).  And, finally I spent a total of  $6.27 on wash and some other incidental items.

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